Christmas and New Year 2018/2019

It has been a busy but a good school year so far.  Hananiah is in 4th grade and is doing well at school.  Doing Math with Hananiah hasn’t been a “pulling the teeth” experience in 4th grade so that’s been really good.  Thanks to his Math teacher Ms. Arrington.   Azariah is in 2nd grade and he has had lots of fun moments with his class this year.  He really enjoys his home room teacher Ms. Harvey.  Mishael continues to be an amazing student for his preschool teachers and a little naughty brat at home. 

Our school is focusing on Romans 12 as our theme for the year and the theme is “FLLY DVTD”.  The chapel times have been really rich and we just finished our Spiritual Emphasis Week at school last month and have heard God doing great things in the students’ lives through that time.  The staff devotions have also been really good this school year, we are going through Romans 12 during the admin lead devotion times and during the Bible CEU times, Jason Whitehurst shared 8 powerful sessions from the life of Elijah.  All of these are available on our school’s YouTube channel. 

Hani is trying out various opportunities to serve during the past few weeks; she continues to assist with the member care at school.  She is also serving in teaching Indonesian language and also teaching English to the people in our community.  We are trying to figure out what her next school year is going to look like as she would have to work at least part time at BAIS in order to maintain our current income.  Our school has an amazing benefit for families with small kids (less than 5 year old) where they supplement us financially and if we’d like to keep that supplemental income then the non-working spouse would have to volunteer at school.  So, she’s trying to pray through that on what that would like for her next school year.  Please lift her up in your prayers because I’d love for her to find a role at school where she would flourish individually and be a tremendous blessing to the community. 

I personally have been doing OK.  We traveled to Australia last summer to go to the Hillsong Conference and man that was such a blessing.  We are amazed at God’s provision for us to be able to go to this conference.  We also had the chance to connect with my cousin whom I haven’t seen in 10+ years while we were in Australia. The boys were able to connect with their cousins (my cousins’ sons) and they got along so well.  

We are getting ready to go to India in the next couple days to spend Christmas with my mom in Chennai.  We’ve been blessed to be able to make this trip every Christmas and it’s neat to see Mishael (our 5 year old) associate Christmas with going to Grandmas’ house.  That has become his “tradition.” 🙂 

This school year we are part of the team called Sea Tribes where we take few students BAIS to a short-term service trip in the Batam area.  This trip is in March 2019 and we need to raise both prayer warriors and financial supporters for this trip.  The last time we did this trip was 4 years ago when Mish was just a year old, and the kids had such a great time back then.  This year it’s going to look a bit different as I’ll be with the boys and one other male student and Hani would be with the female students housed in different houses while we are at the islands.  It’s gonna be different as we always travel together, it’ll be a bit weird to not have mom with us in the same house.  We are also hoping that God will do a mighty work in shaping the faith of our boys and also the 5 students at BAIS who are going on this trip. So, please join with us in praying for this trip.  If you’d like to support us financially for this trip then please shoot us an email: and we can provide you with the information on how you could support us.  Our organization provides ways for you to send a tax deductible donations and we’d love to share that information with you if have the resources to support us financially. 

Hope y’all have a great Christmas season as you remember the birth of Jesus Christ and our prayer that during this season He’ll be birthed into the hearts and lives of many people around the world. 

Have a blessed Christmas and New Year 2019!