About Us

We both come from different cultures. Culture and diversity is something that God had created and we believe that the diversity needs to be celebrated. It is something beautiful to see His wonderful work across different culture and then come together with the uniqueness of each culture and be united in Him.

Amu’s Story

Yet to come

Hani’s Story

Hani IrmawatiHani was born in Bandung, Indonesia, in a small town called Kampung Kebon 7. Hani has a mother and a farther (now both are deceased) and two brothers, Ari (older) and Hadi (younger). She grew up playing mud in the rice field and catching tadpole from a river close by her home. In her town came missionaries from all over the world; Hani did not know when they started coming to her town. But, she sure knows that she had a lot of English speaking friends. Growing up Hani learned to speak the English language from the missionaries’ children (MKs).

When Hani was about 17 years old, a missionary family suggested her to go to the United States to further her studies. This family, the Winship, helped her to get a scholarship. After a long struggle and many tests, Hani was accepted to Azusa Pacific University with a full scholarship. In August 2001, she flew to California. There she met her two loves: Jesus and Amu. She graduated with BA and then MBA from APU. And then, she married Amu and lives happily ever after.

Hananiah’s Story

Yes, we have a new roommate! Hananiah was born to us on June 9, 2009. He’s a bundle of joy and blessing in our lives. We will let him tell his own story when he grows up. But, I am sure you will hear about him in our family blog.

Putty’s Story

putih I am the most loved one of this family. I was born blind and deaf (all cats are) so I am not sure about my very beginnings. I remember on Saturday morning I was wandering around Mountain View Baptist church, hungry! because I have not eaten for three days, I got picked up by a man whom I call “dad” now. He drove me to his home and I have been with him and mommy since then. I believe, I was was born in August 2005, so you can guess how old I am right now.

Today, my greatest hobby is to purr on my mom’s and dad’s shirt and especially I love to purr on my mom’s blanket when I sleep with her at night. My daily routines are sleep, purr on mommy when she is home, play with my buddy Chi Sai, and last but not least I love to eat and go do #2 in my litter box.

Oh, FYI: my name is actually spelled Putih which mean White in my mom’s language, Bahasa Indonesia, so do not read it the American way of saying “putty” which means some kind of a paste or dough. So read my name the Asian or Spanish way!!!

I love you all and thank you for reading my story!