After getting all our papers and vaccination ready on the US side of things, we found out today from the Department of Livestock in Indonesia that we can’t take cats into Bandung, Indonesia as that is a rabies free zone and US is not. 🙁

So we are trying to find a new home for our two cats (this is really really really hard for us). We’ve had Putih (pronounced as poo-ti, which means white in Indonesian) since he was a tiny little kitten, we’ve had him since 2005 and he had grown up with us. Now, it is really hard for us to let go of him.

Our other one is Kucing (pronounced as koo-ching, which means cat in Indonesian); we adopted her in 2006 and she’s very very special to us. I think she’s an introvert and very shy. She took a long time to warm-up to us and that makes her very special to us.

Here are their pictures, if you know anybody who would like to adopt our cats, please ask the to contact us ASAP, we would need to find a new home for them in the next 3 days. 🙁

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