Where did May go?

Can’t believe it’s June already. There are lot of things going on in our lives and a huge change that’s coming our way in less than 9 weeks. We have been planning, and thinking about moving to Indonesia since the beginning of this year, and you would think that we should have everything under control; well it’s nothing but that.

If you would have to walk into our house right now at 3:30am, you would see boxes of all sizes all over the living room. We are trying to ship some boxes via ocean freight. We found this shipping company called American Baggage through our friends who are in Indonesia. Their prices are very low compared to other shipping companies that we’ve found.

June 18th will be my last working day at ConsumerTrack, Inc. It would have been four years this August since I joined them. I am so grateful for working with a smart group of people who also care for each other. I’ll truly miss working here. I remember talking to my HR last week telling her how much I enjoy doing what I do there at ConsumerTrack. I’m not leaving ConsumerTrack for any other reasons other than we feeling compelled to move to Indonesia.

Leaving and saying goodbye to friends and families here in the US is going to be hard for us. Although Indonesia is closer to “home”, US has been our home. This is the land where we got married, where our son was born and it feels like most of our life “happened” here. I spoke to one of my good friend earlier this week over the phone. He asked me how do I feel about this move? And my answer to him was: “Sad, anxious, and happy”. His response to that was: “That sounds about right” 🙂

We will be traveling to Southaven, MS for a pre-field orientation with Network of International Christian Schools during the last two weeks of June. NICS is the umbrella organization that overseas more than dozen international schools all over the world and Bandung Alliance International School where I’ll be teaching is one of them.

We are praying for people who would stand with us in prayer and through financial support as we step out in faith in this next phase of our life. We don’t know much about what’s ahead of us, except that I’ll be teaching computer programming and web design to high school kids in Bandung Alliance International School; but we know that we are lead to go to Indonesia. If you would like to support us financially, then please contact us.

Please follow this blog if you would like to stay updated with what’s happening in our lives. We’ll be posting updates here more frequently, or at least we’ll try harder than before. 😛

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