Welcome Hananiah W Ramappa!

Hananiah W Ramappa

Born: June 9, 2009 @ 2116 PST
Weight: 6lb 10oz
Height: 19inches
Where: Little Company of Mary Hospital, Torrance CA

Who is he like?
Paternal grand parents say that he looks like the father. The father says he looks like his mom’s older brother Ari. Mom says that he looks like the 3D scans that we did couple months ago. 🙂
His favorite food?
Mmmm…mom’s boobies
When is he going home?
Leaving hospital on June 11, 2009 at 1100 PST to live with mom, dad, two cats and a fish.

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  1. What a beautiful boy. I can really see Hani in him. But I’m sure as he gets older, he’ll develop more dad. Congratulations to you both!!!

    Love you

  2. AAAAHHHHHHHH YAY!!!!! I miss you guys and I am sending your new family lots of love (and hope for sleep!)

    Love you!

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