…sad day

We had been looking for a new family/home for our two kittens for quite some time now. But today was the day where we had to make our hard decision. We decided to take them to the Carson Animal Shelter, knowing that the chance of two black kittens to be adopted was very little and that they would be euthanized.

One of the workers there came out of the office and met us and told us that we have to take the cats to the San Pedro shelter as our residential address fall under Los Angeles shelter. There were two other volunteers/workers from Rescue Me Pet Foudation who were trying to get a Terrier out of the shelter. They told us that the shelter would euthanize black cats as the chances of them being adopted are very slim in this culture. But she said that her organization can take the cat in and care for them until they find a foster home for them. It was a bit of relief for us knowing that Fiesty and Yappy had a chance to live.

Hani and I sat in the car for few minutes and wept before we drove home. It was very hard for us to part Fiesty and Yappy. We’ve cared for them since they were little tiny kittens. We’ve nursed, bottle fed, taught them how to use the litter. It was like caring for a baby, and now leaving them into some one else’s care broke our hearts. Our heart is still heavy and our prayers are that God will help them find a new loving home soon. We really love our kittens. We loved them as our own. Fiesty and Yappy had a complete trust on us. They didn’t even meow or struggle; it was as if they totally knew that their “mom” and “dad” would do nothing to harm them.

Our hearts are heavy and our only cry is directed to our God in prayer asking Him to have mercy on them and help them find a new loving home where they would be loved even more than they were loved by us.

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  1. Dear Hani & Amu,
    I know your hearts have been stretched in sadness. It is so beautiful that you loved this kitties so much. It is even more beautiful that God loves them even more and has provided for them all along the way. They were found by you, when left for dead. An angel has come to give them a loving home in the meantime. Praise God.
    Love you, Jennifer
    p.s. Holding the high watch for an easy, graceful, healthy and joyful birth for baby Hann

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