Anne of Green Gables

I know it’s odd for me to write about a children movie.  But I can’t help to write something about it after spending 6 hours of my last 24 hours watching the first two DVDs of this three set DVD collection that we bought from Best Buy last night. 

I remember watching the first half of the first movie “Anne of Green Gables” with Hani about a month ago on some online video streaming site.  Since then we’ve been hunting to rent this movie on the near by Blockbusters in our neighborhood and none of them carried it.  Last night we went to Best Buy to try out a lens for our camera and we stumbled upon the Collector’s set DVD aisle.  We were disappointed that we couldn’t find our “Anne of Green Gables” in that aisle so we moved on to the next “Family movies” aisle and wala! Guess what? We found the 3 DVD collector’s set which seem to be abnormally misplaced in the midst of other movies.  So we happily got back home with the movie.  

I started watching the second part of the first DVD at about 10:30pm (Hani was sound asleep next to me).  I can’t help but laugh at a scene where Anne Shirley broke open in a confession about the dead mice on the pudding dressing – which woke up Hani.  And then Hani and I continued to watch the rest of the second part of the first DVD and then the 2nd DVD titled “Anne of Green Gables – the Sequel” until 5:30am.  

As we watched the movie for more than 6 hours I recollect us going through so many emotions.  We laughed at the wittiness of Anne, cried together when Matthew died, angry at Rachel Lynd, anxious about what Anne would say when Gilbert asked her to be his wife.  We felt like little kids again.  It’s so hard to find a decent movie these days that emphasize on genuine love without any obscene content.  It’s been so long that I’ve cried watching a movie (that’s a confession).  I can’t wait to watch the last one, I would have started it tonight but that wouldn’t be a good idea when I had to wake-up at 6:30am to drive an hour to the 9am worship in Claremont.  

I totally recommend this movie.  For those of you who are vivid readers here’s your link to Amazon.  I wish I had the gift/discipline to take a book and read it cover to cover (like my wife).  I hardly complete any book. 🙁 

Anyway, off to sleep… have a blessed Sunday!

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