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Neither of us are veterans in camping. I’ve camped 2 times with the guys from the church. I think Hani has hiked/camped more times than me. So for our first year anniversary (October 27), we’ve decided to hike 3 miles uphill and spend the night at Crystal Cove State Park’s camp ground.  I don’t know if it’s a good idea or not to hike 3 miles with our 40 pound backpacks on a first year anniversay; but we are a bit excited preparing for the hike.  

Last weekend (October 11, 2008) we went for a say 2 hour hike with our friends Tim and Jennifer at Del Cerro Park, California.  This was our second time hiking at this trail and we did a lot better this time compared to the last time.  Last time I wasted my energy running on an uphill at the beginning of the trail and I didn’t have strength hike back to the car!  But this time we just had a relaxed walk talking with our friends and covered more distance and we weren’t exhausted at all.  After the hike last Saturday morning we ended up in Hof’s Hut a great breakfast food place in Torrance.  I think we gained more calories that morning eating at Hof’s Hut than the calories that we lost in the 2 hour hike. 🙂 

Anyway, back to our camping preparation.  Hani and I did some shopping this weekend getting ready for our first camping ever, here are the gears that we have so far: 

  • North Face Terra 60 and Terra 40 bacpacks
  • Coleman queen size air-bed
  • Ozark Trail 9′ x 8′ hexagonal tent from Walmart
  • Ozark Trail 9′ x 12′ heavy-duty tarp from Walmart
  • Coleman Micro Packer Lantern 
  • Energizer 6 LED Head lights 
  • Swiss Gear queen size sleeping bag
  • Compact Stove + container (to heat-up the soup)
  • Campbell’s Chunky! (THE soup) 
  • First aid kit
  • Emergency pancho

We need to pack in water since the campsite does not have any water.  We are looking for some kind of a water container that could hold water for an overnight camping for two people, and remember we need to hike 3 + 3 miles with it. Could you please let us know if you have any suggestions on that and if there is anything else that we should pack ?

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  1. You crack me up! This is a lot to have to get for a first-time camping trip. You should’ve borrowed most of the stuff so you can decide first if you actually like camping or not! I hope you bought the stuff from REI, in case you decide you are not campers after all, then you could take it back! Anyway, hope you enjoy the weekend. Love you tons, and happy anniversary.

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