3 rescued kittens are now (almost) our family

It’s been about 3 weeks since we rescued these kittens from under a trash bin.  It’s been a joy and a challenge to take care of 3 kittens.  Good news is that we don’t have to bottle feed them anymore.  That’s a huge transition for us in the last few days when the started to lap the milk from the bowl.
Whenever I tell people about our kittens they always ask this question:

How many cats do you have?

And my answer is 2 + 3 kittens. 🙂

Trust me we are not crazy… yet. Over the past three weeks Hani and I have grown to loves these three kittens so much.  They each have their own character (already).  So, in this post I thought of writing a bit about each of them.

Kitten -Yappy

Gender: We are assuming that she’s a girl
Age: She’s the youngest of her clan

From the name that we gave her you could guess that she loves to talk.  Yes, she yaps a LOT!  She also loves to be cozy and comfy on our laps.  She doesn’t play as much as her siblings.  I think she’s the “softer” kind.

Hani and Yappy get along very well.  Yappy loves to sleep on Hani.  They communicate pretty well too.   Yappy tends to talk a lot when we come back home from work and when she is hungry.

We love this kid much as well as the other one’s.

Kitten - Gentle

Gender: Well we are assuming that she’s a girl as well
Age: We think she should be the oldest one.

Gentle is very active.  She loves to run around the house. Gentle likes to play with her brother Fiesty. Man they play together a lot.  She often pounces on her own tail!  It’s so cute and funny!

We named her Gentle when we got her because she was the one who was cleaning her little sister Yappy. 🙂

Kitten - Fiesty

Gender: Again we are assuming that he’s a boy
Age: He’s in between Gentle and Yappy

Man this guy is naughty!  This kid is demanding.  He climbs up your legs if he is hungry!  His name is very apt for his personality.  He is very active.  It’s so funny to him play with Gentle.  He some time challenges Putty for a duel!

Well now you’ve known a little bit about our three kids.  We are still looking for people to adopt them.  As much as we would love to have them it’s just to hard on our budget to take care of 5 cats. 🙁

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to know more about them or come pay them a visit.

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  1. They are so cute. I will talk to my hubby to see if we are looking to get another cat :)!

    Couple questsions: Do they know how to get to go to bathroom? Did they get used to litter box? Do they need to be fixed?

  2. Hi, the kittens are very cute. But considering Hani’s condition (on the family way) I would advice that you both keep away from them as it is very allergic and can acuse wheezing which is not good for Hani. Anyway they look very cute. But your health and the little one’s (growing in Hani’s womb) is very much important right now than anything else in this world.

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