Kitten Rescue

Last night (July 9, 2008) Hani and I were in the guest room trying out our new portable keyboard that we had recently purchased.  While we were trying to play the song “He giveth more grace”; Hani heard the sound of kittens crying outside the apartment.  So we decided to go and see if everything was ok.  We were looking in our parking lot to see if the kitten was lost underneath a car or something but we heard the cry from the neighboring apartment.

So we decide to walk around the block and go and check this apartment.  Apparently this apartment is on the market and there was a small crack on the parking gate.  So we sneaked in to the back of the apartment from where we’ve been hearing this loud kitten.  When we walked closer the trash bin we saw three small kitten crawling out to us from underneath the trash bin.  They all came meowing towards us.  There was another grown-up cat that was sitting beside the trash bin and didn’t seem to care.  So we decided to get these kittens to our apartment to get them some milk.  And on the way to the apartment we were greeted by our neighbor who lives in the second floor of our next door apartment.  They were excited that we found the crying kittens so they offered us some cat milk (which is 95 lactose free).  I didn’t have any idea until then that a cat could get sick if they drink our regular milk. Our neighbor’s kid works part time in an animal adoption center.  So she gave us their adoption center’s phone number so we could drop the cat off if we couldn’t take care of them.

Anyway we came home and tried to feed these small kittens some cat milk with a spoon. (How NOT smart is that?) We never had to deal with such a tiny kittens before. Our cat Putih was a lot bigger kitten when we got him, we thought he was little but these three kittens that we have now are smaller than a small rat. I don’t think their eyes are open yet. So we couldn’t get them to drink the milk from the spoon, so I ran to Ralphs at 2330 hours to find a syringe or something that we could feed these kittens with and got back home with a baby oral syringe.  After some struggle we finally got all three to drink some milk and Hani was creative enough to come up with a cozy box for these kittens padded with nice white towels.  So they went to sleep after a good late night dinner in their cozy box and we went to our bed with a lot of mixed feelings towards these wonderful, cute, amazing creation of our God.  Though these kittens couldn’t walk that well they sloppily followed us around the house.  Our heart was broken to see these kittens needing love and they blessed us in that and we were able to bless them with showing love in the best way we could to them for now.

We named the three kittens: Yappy, Feisty, and Gentle.  We will write more about why we came up with these names and with some pictures that I took tonight of these kittens in tomorrow’s post.  I’m going to sleep now.  Talk to you later!

PS: By the way if you want to have any (or all) of them you are more than welcome to take them. We already have two full-grown cats.

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