India again…

I am not going to India for good. I ‘would’ be back in Los Angeles by the 16th of April. I need to go home to get my VISA stamped from the US Consulate in Chennai.

I used to work for Vensoft, Inc and I left them in July 2007 and started working for ConsumerTrack, Inc since August 2007.  Since I transferred my H1 from Vensoft, Inc to ConsumerTrack, Inc; my attorney suggested me to go back to my home country and get a new VISA stamping and then come back.  And that’s the reason for my trip.

To those of you who are in Chennai, I would love to meet you guys for a cup of tea/coffee or something.  Email me and let me know a good time to meet.

Please pray for me that the Lord who had led me thus far will give me strength and keep me humble and would grant me favor in the eyes of the officials in the US Consulate.

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  1. It was indeed a very pleasant surprise both of us got when you called up last week. We both wish you all the very best with your Visa process. Wish you will capitalise on the delay to catch up with all your old friends in Madras.

    Dont forget to drop in on us for a meal.

    Ramakanth and Shanthi

  2. Hi,
    I’m sorry for popping up this question for this post..I just got an offer from vensoft. I wanted to know the working conditions and is it safe to get into a 12 month contract into it?? i would be very grateful if u emailed me to
    thanks a lot and looking fwd to ur reply..

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